Paris Pick

New Album 'Feeling Love' listen now!

Fem-Rocker Paris Pick is a Soul-Pop artist based out of Whitehorse, Yukon known for her flamboyant stage presence and bold sense of fashion.

It was the fall of 2013 when Paris Pick first hitchhiked to Whitehorse Yukon when she was 18 years old from Vancouver islands Port Hardy, BC. The young & enthusiastic artist made herself known around town quickly with her singing, bass playing & more. Busking on main street during her leisure time dressed like a pirate was also a phase not long forgotten. The Yukon had become Paris’ new stomping grounds and better yet, a place to call home.

Fast forward to the present, where Paris Pick is honing in on her best skill yet, being herself.

The multi-talented Paris Pick leads her band with powerhouse vocals & acoustic guitar while her band 'The Pricks’ add flavor to her original content with tasteful back-up vocals, disciplined electric guitar parts and hot grooves provided by a super funky rhythm section.

Heck, Depending on how big the occasion, Paris Pick & The Pricks is accompanied by full horn-section & keys.

Paris’ debut album ‘Feeling Love’ is a soul inspired fun-filled exploration of love & life in the Yukon and was released Nov.17th/2018.

Paris’ original’s carry undertones of Motown & funk while the lyrical content could be described as uplifting, heartfelt & occasionally sassy.

Current plans include a promotional tour of Pick’s latest record ‘Feeling Love’ in October 2019 to eastern Canada (Whitehorse-Montreal)

-Dates Coming Soon!-