Dawson City, The Place for Pirates

This weekend Ukes of Hazard had a blast performing in Dawson City. I mean it's always a blast, what's not to like? Dawson has a rustic charm to it. You are thrown back into your favorite western movie with boardwalk sidewalks, little markets, dirt roads, old historical buildings and you are pretty much encouraged to be the town drunk. Thursday April. 20th we performed at the Downtown Hotel which proved to be a great sounding room over-all. The walls and floor is carpeted with the most outrageous wallpaper & d├ęcor. It's wonderful. You enter the Downtown Hotel through it's saloon doors and you immediately feel awesome! We had a great crowd of people from 9pm-Midnight.

Friday April 21st & Saturday April. 22nd we hosted a pirate party in The Pit, which is located in the Westminster Hotel. This too is a historical building you must see, it's barely holding itself up but locals are convinced it doesn't collapse because it's kept together with alcohol, magic, and friendship (so we were told). It's pink on the outside and lopsided on the inside, but something about the slanted floors and ceilings makes this place a quirky great watering hole. its always packed on the weekends with locals & music enthusiasts. We received encores each night we performed. We always meet lots of great people and the town always welcomes us with open arms.

We look foreword to returning to Dawson for Dawson City Music Festival this July.21st-23rd 2017