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Paris Pick has been building her musical empire in Whitehorse, Yukon since her arrival back in 2013. Originally hitchhiking her way from Port Hardy - Vancouver Island, BC. Pick has managed to carve a musical niche for herself in the Yukon with her distinctive voice and modern Motown style.

Pick is mostly known for her catchy original music, multi-instrumentalism, outrageously dance-worthy shows, as well as her bold sense of fashion, and empowering stage presence.

Tirelessly driven, Pick leads her band with powerhouse vocals and guitar while her band The Pricks add flavour to Paris’ original music with tasteful back-up vocals, disciplined electric guitar parts, and hot grooves provided by a super funky rhythm section.

Since 2017 Pick has toured British Colombia twice and central-eastern Canada once with an upcoming Alberta tour planned for January 2020 all in promotion of Pick’s debut album “Feeling Love” which captures her work to date – released in November of 2018, the album is a soulful & fun celebration of love and life in the Yukon.