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"Whitehorse band Ukes of hazard wrap up an epic summer"

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Pirate rock - what's up yukon

"After hitchhiking across Canada in 2013, Seymour and her ukulele settled in Whitehorse, where she stands out, both in her voice and dress."

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Setting Sail for uncharted waters - What's up Yukon

"Pop-rock swing band The Ukes of Hazard prepares for their first B.C. tour after a year of exciting firsts"

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"Paris Seymour, better known by her stage name Paris Vagabond Gypsy, is one of a kind. In the year-and-a half since the pirate-costumed, bass-playing, ukulele-strumming, singer-songwriter (and one-time burlesque dancer) arrived in the Yukon, she’s formed the Ukes of Hazard and is releasing her first full-length album, Mine to Creep." - Barry Jack Jenkins. What's up yukon magazine


"Ukes of Hazard, hailing from Whitehorse, will tour b.c for their first time"

"Suppose you wanted to try something different in life. Would you brave the unknown and hitchhike across Canada? Would you take up playing a whimsical instrument? Would you become a busker? Would you start your own band? For Paris Seymour, that’s exactly how it played out. The Vancouver Island native made her way to the Yukon, and is establishing her band, Ukes of Hazard, around the capital city of Whitehorse." -Yukon Girls Rock Camp

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